Bursaries & Awards


The Citadel Foundation offers a variety of bursaries to young individuals from the Quebec City region seeking to pursue higher education at the post-secondary level.

Since its inception, Citadel Foundation has disbursed over 1.1 million dollars to needy students, helping them attain their educational dreams.

“The Citadel Foundation helped me attain my highest goals.  It contributed to my success by supporting me in difficult times.  Thanks to this organization, I have become a happy mother with a lovely career.”

– Angélie Caissy


“During University I came under financial hardships that would have forced me to put a hold on my education. However, thanks to help from the Citadel Foundation I was able to continue school uninterrupted. Now I am a manager at a leading financial institution.”

– Tracy Merriam

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Quebec City Women’s Club Bursaries


The purposes of the club are:

  • to provide an opportunity for social contacts, for the friendly interchange of ideas and information, and to encourage concerted action among women at a local level;
  • to encourage higher education among women and to further this objective by awarding scholarships or bursaries to local women; and
  • to stimulate the interest of women in public affairs and to afford an opportunity for the expression of united opinion.

Young Women

Mature Women

P.W. Sims Award

The P.W. Sims Award is presented annually at St. Lawrence College to a student with outstanding performance in the Business Administration program. The award includes a scholarship in the amount of $3000 received upon proof of registration to a university of their choice.


David E. Blinco Award

The David E. Blinco Award is presented anually at Quebec High School to a secondary five student having demonstrated qualities of honesty, good sportsmanship, dedication to works undertaken, and a concern for the well-being of fellow students.


Montminy-Wolff Bursary

The Quebec High School Montminy-Wolff Bursaries were created in memory of Ms. Pauline Montminy and Mr. Stuart Wolff who were Quebec High School graduates. Upon Ms. Montminy’s passing 2 bursaries of $8,000 were set up to support 2 worthy Quebec High School graduates who showed outstanding performance in the Social Sciences and Mathematics.

The Social Science bursary is presented to the student who performed exceptionally well in Secondary 4 History and Citizenship, and Secondary 5 Contemporary World.

The Mathematics bursary is presented to the student who performed exceptionally well in Secondary 4 Math Science option and Secondary 5 Math Science option.

Both bursaries are intended to help these deserving students continue their education in the field of their choice.


Dr. Guthrie Memorial Scholarship

This annual scholarship will be awarded to a student entering his or her first year of University in Doctor of Medicine or Bachelor of Nursing Sciences.

This prestigious scholarship is in keeping with Citadel Foundation’s mandate of helping students in financial need reach their dreams.


Moe & Regina Rosenhek

The Moe & Regina Rosenhek Award was created in order to commemorate Moe & Regina Rosenhek’s significant contributions to the English-speaking community of the Greater Quebec City region. This annual award recognizes the exemplary volunteerism of an individual in our community. The recipient of the award is recognized at Annual General Assembly of Citadel Foundation and through the Moe & Regina Rosenhek Fund, commits to making a contribution to the charity of the recipient’s choice.


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